Advantages and disadvantages of using Ivermectin for Dogs and Cats


Ivermectin is not only often used to cure both dogs and cats of various types of infections with any parasites. But also is it used regularly in many cases of available heartworm prevention medicines.For instance, like Heartgard Plus® or others.

Benefits of Ivermectin for Dogs and Cats

To the majority of cases, administering dosage directly relates to the primary advantage of ivermectin. As well as plenty of drugs, higher dosage, it is believed that higher dosage is conducive to complications andinvolved potential side-effects.

There are some cases of using Ivermectin in a few doses, which depends on what purpose it is used for. To prevent infections with heartworm, in general, does will be used relatively by a little bit along with less risk of side-effects.

As for higher dose, for example, the people who is selected to undergo treatment against demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, ear mites and others… are able to be experienced some adverse reactions. Nonetheless, regarding dogs and cats, it is undeniable that Ivermectin will be a relatively safe remedy if it is used appropriately.

Ivermectin side-effects, to Cats

With regard to Cats, Ivermectin owns a quite high amplitude of safety. As can we see, there will be some following side-effects:



Lack of appetite

Dilated pupils

Paralysis of hind legs

Muscle tremors



Other neurological signs, let us say, head pressing or wall climbing.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Ivermectin for Dogs and Cats

Ivermectin side-effects, To Dogs

For Dogs, it is claims that dose, the appearance of heartworm microfilaria (a larval form) and the sensibility of personal dog are which the risk of Ivermectin side-effects is conditional upon.

Ivermectin for dogs would be relatively safe if taking a low dosage to prevent heartworm for a dog becoming heartworn-free. Otherwise, we can use higher dosage to treat other infections with some parasites, which will lead to increase the danger of following side-effects.


Dilated pupils

Muscle tremors




Lack of appetite


It is possible that a shock reaction can be occurred in company with lethargy, a low body temperature and vomiting due to dying microfilaria when we use Ivermectin to cure dog of heartworms. Dogs which tested positively for hearworns should be closely kept track of by at least 8 hours after administrating Ivermectin.

Ivermectin is prompt in treatment for Collies and Similar Breeds.

Using Ivermectin can also conducive to Neurotoxity in some cases, which is especially widespread in dogs, breeds possesses a genetic mutation which known as the MDR1 (multi-drug resistance) gene mutation. For instance, Australian Shepherds,Collies, Shelties, hirsute Whippets and severalvarious of breeds with “white feet”.

Signs of neurotoxicity: Incoordination, muscle tremors, seizures, blindness and death.

So, to sum up, Ivermectin is generally safe for preventing heartworm. Yet, as for dogs which may have the MDR1 gene mutation, this remedy should not be used at higher dosage. You can perform some tests to check the gene mutation.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Ivermectin for Dogs (Dogs N Pawz)

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18 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi I have heard that you can use ivermectin on your dog to control fleas, ticks and worms.

    Can you please advise if this is correct and what the dosage and application would be?

    Many thanks


  2. Marry says:

    i gave my chihuahua some ivermectin and i gave her to much she only weighs 4 pounds and the night i gave it to her she started throwing up and the next morning she couldnt see this is the second day and she is drinking ok and she has been eating fairly well but not normal but she still cant see, she can a little but not normal do you think she will get her sight back? i didnt know the medicine was that strong and we gave her 1 cc.

    • CattyGirl says:

      This med is very strong and will kill your animal if not dosed correctly. The recommended dosage is .1 cc (1/10 of a cc) for every 6 lbs, so you gave your dog over 10 times the recommended dosage. You are very lucky it didn’t die.

  3. David says:

    I use Ivermectin based monthly heart worm medication for my Cattle Dog, my Mini Foxie and also my Shih Tzu x Maltese. They have not suffered any negative side effects. My dogs range in age from 9 months to 18 months so are relatively young. They also range in weight from 4.8 pounds to 66.1 pounds. I only ever used the medication that I purchase through the vet/pet store and have only ever used the prescribed dosage and have had excellent results. I am grateful for this article because I was unaware that there could be such serious side effects.

  4. Diana says:

    Ivermectin can cure demodectic mange. However, if your dog has underlying disease issues that are causing the infection, ivermectin may not be effective in clearing the Demodex infection completely until the underlying disease is successfully treated.

  5. Patrice Bates says:

    i’ve read this before, but still interesting.

  6. Sue Huss says:

    Ivermectin worked great on my Pomeranian’s démodétic mange with no side effects. We did find out the cause of her mange was low thyroid and she was given thyroid medicine also. I recommend you always go to the vet if you think your dog has mange because Ivermectin has to be given for several weeks.

  7. Mary Hyduck says:

    I have a 13 pound Shih Tzu that is very healthy and active, but has a occasional cough..
    I am wanting to use the ivermectine product on him, but am curious as to what the dosage would be for that size.

  8. Aaron says:

    I use ivermectin as worm treatment for my lab. I have had wonderful results and give him a small dosage in his food once a month to prevent worms and other parasites. I was very skepticle when I first was told by a cattle farmer that this was what he used so I did some research. In small dosages it is safe but larger dosages are fatal. From my research and the advice given to me by others who use it, the recommended dosage is .1cc per 10 pounds your dog weighs. My lab weighs 80 pounds but I still only give him .7cc. Also I suggest giving only a half dosage the first time to see if there are any bad side effects and then after two weeks giving the second. From there on if there are no harmful side effects the full dosage is what I recommend, but only once a month. Doing it this way is a very cost effective method that has saved me tons on worm meds from the store and has worked with my dog. I am not a professional however and do not guarantee that the success I have had will work with you and your pet. I can only vouche for myself and those I know who have used it. If you aren’t comfortable with it I suggest research. If after research you still aren’t comfortable I suggest you do not use it.

  9. Casey says:

    will this cure heartworms or just prevent them?

  10. Lin says:

    What is the dosage to give dogs that doesn’t weight more than 10 lbs.

  11. SP says:

    Ivermectin does not “cure” adult heartworms – it can reduce the number of microfilaria (baby worms) in a heartworm infected dog if they are present the same way it kills the microfilaria once a month when used as a prevention. The once a month administration is to kill any mirofilaria the dog has been infected with following the bite of an infected mosquito. Dosages are different for prevention of heartworms versus the treatment of the various mange mites.

  12. Sally Smailes says:

    I’m pretty sure I read recently you can’t give any products with Ivermectin in it to Border Collies. I checked my dogs flea/worm/heartworm treatment to be sure and it was ok. If you have BC’s maybe check with your vet or google it.

  13. Lauren says:

    How long does it take for the symptoms of Ivermectin poisoning to show up? I gave my dog the correct dose two weeks ago and had to take her to the vet yesterday. The vet says it’s kidney failure from ivermectin but I just don’t see how that could happen in just two weeks.

  14. Robby says:

    I managed a show dog kennel for several years, and I also breed Brussels Griffons, I used Ivermectin at the kennel and still use it on my own dogs. I also had a Borzoi that we used it on. We used IVOMEC FOR FEEDER AND GROWER PIGS .27% injectable solution. I give it by mouth, usually in a yummy treat because it seems to taste nasty. The normal dose is .1cc for each 10 pounds of body weight, that`s 1/10 of 1cc for every 10 pounds translating to 1 drop for each 10 pounds. If you you use IVOMEC FOR CATTLE AND SWINE it`s a 1% injectable solution and need to dilute it out ALOT, there are sites that will give you dilution rates for it. It`s pretty safe to use and I`ve never had any reations to it, but others may. I start giving puppies ivermectin each month, starting at 8 months old and continue throughout their lives, even my 14 year old gets it. It does such a good job of getting rid of parasitice worms (except tapeworms) in the adults, that I have never seen even round worms in my little little puppies` stools when I do their routine baby wormings. Yes Collies, Collie related breeds and mixes are not to be given ivermection because of sensativity to it. I do like the “white feet” analogy, it makes it easier to remember for people.

    • Eastexchis says:

      I dilute mine with Propolyene Gylocol as I have Chihuahuas. I have always used this and it works like a charm. I just give pyrantel along beside it and it is your homemade version of Heartguard Plus . You can use the cattle pour on mixed with alcohol as a spot on treatment for fleas also.

  15. DJ says:

    I give my dogs & cats the size of one grain of rice every month or so of horse wormer, ivermectin 1.55% and praziquantel 7.75 paste. Farm cats, mix 50 lb dog, also a golden retreiver & just this morning gave my new red merle australian sheperd the same. I’s worked ok for a few months for the others, what do I watch for in my sheperd if it is going to make him sick.

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