Allergies in dogs: Cause, symptoms and how to treat allergies in dogs


Many pet owners don’t know that allergies in dogs also occur, just like humans dogs can be prone to every day allergens and this can be dangerous to them. While it is true that a number of allergens are placed in the environment and are not harmful to dogs, some can still pose a threat to dog’s when they experience extreme reaction as a result.

Allergies in dogs - Cause, symptoms and How to treat allergies in dogs

Allergies in dogs – Cause, symptoms and How to treat allergies in dogs

What are the common symptoms of allergies in dogs?

Dogs who are suffering from forms of allergy will have itchy, moist or scabbed skin. Some dogs will have noticeably increased scratching behavior and can suffer from itchy as well as runny eyes. Dogs who are affected with allergy can also suffer from sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting and snoring due to the inflammation in their throat.

Cause of allergies in dogs

Any kind of dog breed can suffer from allergies, there are substances that can cause allergies in dogs which will include mold spores, dust and house dust mites, tree, grass, weed pollens, feathers, cigarette smoke, accidental intake of drugs, perfumes, cleaning products including insecticidal shampoo, rubber and plastic materials and several types of food.

Food can cause allergic reactions in dogs?

Many owners do not know but there are certain foods that can cause allergies to dogs. This will lead them to suffer from itchy skin and gastrointestinal problems. Allergies may occur at any age, some dogs will be allergic to chicken and other food sources.

Treatment allergies in dogs

If one suspects that their dog is suffering from allergy they need to take them to the veterinary right away. It is very hard to detect food allergy in dog and it would take the use of hydrolyzed protein diet to ensure that the dog will be healed from allergic reactions. It would be best to give dogs home cooked meals during this period and to follow the menu that the veterinarian will provide. Giving them a bath after a stroll in the park is also a recommended precaution against allergens.

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