Dog eye infection – A serious illness in dogs


Not only human beings but also animals like dogs can even fall victim to terrible eye diseases such as dog eye infection. This kind of infection has always been serious and, to some extent, quite hard to be treated.

  • Symptoms of dog eye infection:

A possible eye infection in dogs can include some of the popular symptoms below:

+ Scratching or rubbing the eyes.

+ Sensitivity to light.

+ Having swollen eyelids.

+ Watery, sticky and unusual discharge from both eyes.

+ Squinting of one or both eyes.

+ Red inflamed eyes.

When seeing these symptoms, dog owners ought to seek medical attention immediately.

  • Causes of dog eye infection:

Dogs of all ages and of all breeds can be a poor victim of this disease. There are some common causes of this serious eye infection that dog owners should know so that they can help prevent their beloved dogs from suffering.

Dog eye infection can be caused by:

+ Viruses.

+ Foreign body.

+ Fungi.

+ Bacteria.

+ Injuries.

+ Lyme disease.

Being affected by these factors, dogs are likely to suffer from Conjunctivitis, also known as Pink eye or some other types of eye infection.

  • Popular types of dog eye infection:

Dog eye infection - A serious illness in dogs

Dog eye infection – A serious illness in dogs

+ Conjunctivitis: This type of eye infection is the most common and can be caused by viral infection, bacteria, Lyme disease, herpes, inflammation of the tear sac or something that may get stuck in the dog’s eyes and cause serious damages. To treat this infection, dog owners may use ointments or antibiotic drops. In addition, they can also utilize the cotton swabs and warm water to clean all the sticky discharge and help their eyes less swollen.

+ Glaucoma: This infection is quite dangerous since it puts pressure on the eyes and is caused by a blockage in the eyes. The worst situation, in case your dog suffers from Glaucoma, is that it can become blind if not receive suitable treatment. Besides, this type of eye infection is not easy to treat at all. Veterinarian has to apply various ointments and agents in order to relieve pressure and to protect the neurons inside the dog’s eyes.

+ Keratoconjunctivitis Siccac: This is an extremely serious type of eye infection and also known as Dry eye. In other words, when your dog suffers from Keratoconjunctivitis Siccac, its eyes are not producing enough tears; hence, the cornea of dog’s eyes may get inflamed or even worse, ulcers. This infection can be caused by numerous factors like herpes and some issues with tear ducts. To treat Keratoconjunctivitis Siccac, dog owners ought to use eye drops or artificial tear solution.

Dog eye infection is serious, but it is still possible to be treated. However, it would be better if dog owners take care of their lovely dogs more often and carefully so that the cases of eye infection will happen less in the years after.

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