How long are dogs pregnant before they giving birth?


Have you ever ask yourself that how long are dogs pregnant? In this article, we will provide you necessary knowledge of the pregnancy process in dogs, including the symptom of pregnancy, the length of pregnancy and some good advices to take care of your dogs during this stage.

Having a dog is so wonderful, hence the way your dog going through many stages of its life is also memorable, right? One important stage that you would not want to miss is pregnancy if you are adopting a female dog. Nothing will be happier than the moment your dog is going through a very hard time, and after that, some lovely babies will be born and start their new and colorful lives. However, this is also the time that the owner needs to take care of the dog carefully and have a real understanding of the pregnancy process in order for the dogs to successfully give birth to the puppies.

* So, How long are dogs pregnant and Symptom of breeding

How long are dogs pregnant

How long are dogs pregnant

How would you know that your dogs are pregnant? And how long are dogs pregnant? Take a look at the following sign to check and find out as early as possible to make sure your dogs receive good prenatal care.

Gestation is the period from conception to birth, averages 63 days from the day of ovulation (the normal range is 56 to 66 days). Note that the day of ovulation is not always the same as the day of breeding.

It would be hard to realize the sign of pregnancy during the first few weeks other than the slight gain in weight. However, from the third to fourth week of gestation, the female dog may experience the following symptoms – in general called “morning sickness”:

-  Decrease appetite: your dogs may eat less than normal due to lack of food affection.

-  Sudden decrease in activity & behavioral changes: your beloved naughty dog will be calmer than normal, stay at one place and just want to be alone rather than showing the usual affectionate feeling to you.

- Nipple growth: The tissue and glands underneath will become bigger to prepare room for the milk produced by the mommy dog.

Do not worry because of your dog’s decrease appetite – following the initial few weeks, everything will be fine soon – her appetite will come back and her weight will rapidly increase. Also, there will be some changes in the body, for instance, the abdomen will be thicker and firm for the touch. These changes make the female dog better adapt to and prepare for the condition necessary to give birth to the babies. Over the last weeks of the dog pregnancy, you can feel the movement of the puppies because they are going into the position ready to be born.

Seeing these symptoms may make you anxious at the beginning, but do not worry if you follow the instructions below.

Preparation for the dog pregnancy

  1.  Prepare the whelping region: have a comfortable location for the dog’s nesting wants. Old blankets or towels are fine, as long as you can create a soft atmosphere for the babies to be born into.
  2.  Decide on suitable regimen: As in the dog pregnancy progress, dogs need to have enough nutrients to carry the puppies and this is of great importance. The dog food may require a larger quantity than usual, plus enable for growth, including food intended for puppies. After 3 weeks pregnancy, the diminished appetite will appear and can be considered as a normal symptom, but if it lasts more than a week, you should let your dog have a checkup with the veterinarian to make sure everything is still going well.
  3. Avoid using vitamins, especially calcium pills to support the dog’s diet plan in the pregnancy process if you do not want your dog encounter difficulties in producing her own calcium after pregnancy, which may cause the calcium shortage.
  4. Day-to-day walks may help the pregnancy process become easier, but an excessive amount of exercising may become a health risk to both mother and puppies.

 Preparation for Birth

How long are dogs pregnant

How long are dogs pregnant

*     Whelping region: Make sure that two weeks ahead of birth, the whelping region is finished and ready to be the ideal place for the dog’s giving birth. The sides must be big enough so that the puppies cannot escape.

*     Estimate the time of birth: By taking a dog’s temperature, we can be anticipate the time and be well-prepared for the birth. In the pregnancy, a dog’s temperature will range from 101 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. About 24 hours just before birth, however, the temperature will drop rapidly, typically below 100 degrees. If this is the case for your dog, it is the sign that the new puppies are going to claim their existence in this world.

*      Getting to know clearly about the birth process, as partly describe below:

  •  Uterine contraction: Lasts from six to 12 hours, during which the dog may show signs of uncomfortableness. Make sure your dog has water available at this point.
  • The birth of puppies: The first puppy is expelled after the active straining in the second stage of labor. After that, the mother will discharge placenta. The interval between the births of two puppies may range from 45 to 60 minutes. After the born of each puppy, the mother should clean the placental layer of the puppy within two minutes after expulsion – if it does not, we must be the ones to do that.
  •  After birth: the mother may try to eat the placenta; this is normal, but some owners might choose to prevent the dog from ingesting it. Soon after the birth, the mother really should get a chance to feed the puppies, and if she is hungry, prepare a small meal for her to recover after labor. During the post-birth period the mother will produce a reddish-brown or greenish discharge for about six to eight weeks; it is normal and needed no special treatment.

*     Bring both the puppies and mother to veterinarian after birth for a checkup, to ensure the health and everything is okay.

Post-natal care

  1. Periodically examine the mother’s nipples to make sure they are not infected, and even palpate them with a warm damp cloth to clean the area.
  2. Do not be alarmed if she eats her pup’s feces.
  3. Do not need to care so much about the puppies – the mommy dog will automatically know how to do this. Never place a heating pad down for the puppies, but do realize that the low floor can be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the room.
  4. The puppies’eyes opens at 10-14 days old. They need to be weaned at 3-4 weeks of age. During the weaning process, cut their milk intake down gradually by substituting the remainder of their diet with watered down puppy food and milk replacer.
  5. Make sure to keep the puppies’ bed area clean daily.

 Now, if you can answer the question: How long are dogs pregnant?

So, you are ready to be with your beloved pet to go through this very difficult, but for sure, a memorable stage of life, aren’t you? Hope that through this article, you will have a better knowledge to take care of both the new mother and the puppies.

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