Low protein food for the dog


Generally, the dogs are not actually able to live without protein. They need at least 25% protein levels in their daily meal at any age. However, somehow, there are some reasons for illnesses that lead to consume high-protein foods. The needs for this diet are at the point ofworry about serious health problems for the dogs; to be more specific, health problems could be:
Low protein food for the dog

- Genetic kidney problems
- Chronic kidney failure
- Congestive heart failure
- Acute kidney failure

Thanks to those health problems, veterinarianwill give a change in your dog’s meal. Basing on this issue, there are plenty of dry and canned foods which provide low protein food for the dog.

Brand Name of low protein food for the dog

There are some typical providers of low protein food for the dog on the market. For instance:  Hill’s Science Diet, Purina Veterinary Die, and Waltham’s Royal Canine.

Homemade low protein food for the dog at home

Interestingly, you can also create your own low-protein foods for your beloved dog with eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, and some calcium carbonates. That contains several or all of components which depend on suggested percentage of protein.


To be careful if you feed your dog on low-protein foods because this diets can lead your dog to suffer malnutrition


You should involve vitamins into your dog’s meal to insure that your dog can gain all nutrients which they needs.


It is important to notice your dog’s changes such as increasing in thirst and urination,losing weight and being weak, it is likely that they are resulting in chronic kidney failure signal. Acute kidney failure could be demonstrated by dehydration, walking stiffly with an arched back and being low in urine. In both cases you may need expertsconsultant.


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4 Responses

  1. Nikki says:

    Someone really needs to proof read this page for the many grammatical errors.

  2. Sue Huss says:

    My Pomeranian had congestive heart failure and no one ever mentioned to me why she needed a low protein food. Perhaps you could explain why this is important.

  3. Dave Cousin says:

    You need to be careful with low protein diets, unless your Vet explicitly tells you to give your dog a low protein diet, avoid them.

    Dogs have evolved to eat around 75% meat/animal protein so this is the ideal. However some types of animal protein agree with dogs more than others so if your dog is sensitive to meat like beef try a different meat, chicken and fish especially, rather than going straight for a low protein option.

    If your dog is unable to eat meat at all you can still give them a higher protein level diet by trying something like Burns Egg, Brown Rice and Vegetable wet food

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