Seizures in dogs – An unwanted foe of dogs


Dogs, just like human, are easily prone to illnesses and seeing them suffer makes us – dog owners – feel sad and frightened a lot. As you may know, some of hazardous diseases that dog can catch are acute diarrhea, heart murmur, colitis, allergies in dogs, mange in dogs, incontinence, constipation, etc. Besides these severe illnesses, another dangerous foe that can also do harm to our dogs is a disease called seizures.

seizures in dogs

seizures in dogs

What causes seizures in dogs

Seizures in dogs are quite perilous and hard to be cured. So what is the definition of seizure and how does it adversely affect on our dog’s health? According to specialized veterinarian, seizure in dogs is a disorder which is caused by abnormal and unusual burst of electrical activities within the brain. Specifically, the parts of the brain commonly affected by seizure are cerebral hemispheres, and sometimes also the midbrain.

This seizure does make our dogs feel uncomfortable and wobbly. Our dog’s health is bound to degenerate during the time suffering from this kind of disorder. Experts say that before seizure, most of the dogs have a brief moment of anxiety and restlessness and after struggling with this disorder, dogs may feel confused, dizzy and disoriented. Besides, our beloved dogs may also undergo trouble seeing and they may not remember exactly what happened during the period of seizure.

Symptoms of seizures in dogs

To many vet’s opinions, the actual seizure usually lasts no more than two to three minutes and it is normally followed by quite a few symptoms. For example, our dogs may collapse with their legs extended rigidly. Moreover, they may have a far-away look into surrounding space or seek for seclusion. If worse, they might have their legs extended rigidly and stop breathing for about ten to twenty seconds. There are still more signs showing that dogs may suffer from seizure such as vomiting, muscle twitching, trembling, frenzied barking, etc. By carefully watching the dog’s behaviors, dog’s owners can make up their mind quickly in case their dogs fall victim of seizures and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Seizures in dogs can occur in any age, breed or sex. That’s one of the main reasons making this kind of disorder become serious and hazardous. When dogs get on in age, it seems that they tend to develop seizure from brain tumors. At this stage, seizures in dogs are somehow incurable.

Treatment for seizures in dogs

seizures in dogs what to do

seizures in dogs what to do

So what should dog owners do when they find out their beloved dog suffering from seizures? The first thing they ought to do is stay calm and try the utmost to comfort and make dogs feel at ease. Secondly, remove things that may disturb or annoy your dogs and try to keep the surroundings as calm and quiet as possible. Besides, when talking to your dogs with soft voice to alleviate their distress, do not get your hands or face too close to dog’s mouth due to the risk of being bitten. And finally, call for veterinarian or any other medical attention if necessary.

This seizure disorder is hard to be noticed as well as to be cured. Therefore, dog owners should look after their dogs carefully such as feeding them on a proper diet or getting them have medical check-up from veterinarian once a month so as to make sure that there is no seizures in dogs.

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