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5654212937_1d9b991aa0_mAn effective petsafe wireless pet containment system encompasses proper functioning and quick results that is sure to satisfy the owner. Incorporating a wireless electric dog fence could just be the solution that keeps pets in a specific holding area and out of other people’s property.

How They Work

Complete sets include a receiver collar, transmitter and wiring that synchronize with underground wires and wireless transmitters. These are installed in a targeted area range and work in delivering a static charge when the dog tries to trespass this perimeter.

With time the pet learns this restriction and keeps to the designated space so as to avoid the unpleasant charge.

Operating radio transmitter signal are able to penetrate brick and mortar walls hence easily defining the perimeter.Standard units and inexpensive DIY kits are available to choose from and pet owners should evaluate their specific situation so as to make a sound decision.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing A Unit

Consult the veterinarian on the overall health of the pet. Some breeds may respond negatively to the introduction of the system and this may affect their overall health.

Dogs with an aggressive temperament such as guard dogs require other containment systems for the charge only aggravates them and makes them very hostile and potentially dangerous.

The owner needs to determine how close the pet gets to the boundary before receiving a warning. This can be later adjusted according to preferences and other emergent factors.

Sufficient time needs to be set apart in order to effectively train the dog. Giving the dog treat and praise when it acts accordingly in the restricted area helps it quickly learn the entire system and it can well relate to the beep on its collar after a few test runs.

Service interruptions may result if the system is set up along other distribution networks such as antenna wires and telephone lines. Structures should be independent and free operating as much as possible.

Maintenance And Care For An Installed System

It is worthwhile to test whether all the working components are in perfect working condition. Any system compromise should be professionally handled.

The risk of electric hazard can be reduced significantly by exercising caution during tune up and service procedures.Only source units and accessories from reputable manufacturers and licensed distributors to ensure that quality buys are made. All the user instructions are best perused and understood well before taking on any assignment. Any queries can be directed to the customer support avenues.

Radio transmitters should be kept indoors to shield them from the elements. An ideal location should be a dry place in an area with little traffic to avoid unnecessary disruptions and accidents.

Collar batteries need to be fully functional for optimal outcomes to be enjoyed. Initially they will get used up pretty fast and regular replacements need to be done to guarantee workability. Users should take up great caution when setting up and servicing these systems so as to significantly reduce the risk of electric shock. These can be quite jolting and distasteful to feel.

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