The Best Way to Care For Your Pet


Pet care is an elusive topic in many new pet owners. At first sight, we easily fall in love with that little pup or furry kitten at the pet store. But when it’s time to take them home, we realize we have no idea how to properly care for them. As with caring for a newborn human poses challenges, caring for a pet can also be equally challenging.

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The Best Way to Care For Your Pet

The Best Way to Care For Your Pet


As your new pet needs to get accustomed to your home, he can become unsure about what to do and where to go at first. Housebreaking should be done as soon as you enter the front door of your house so that your little pet will start to get accustomed to the place.

First, determine your pet’s living area or ‘den’ in the house. The den can be in the garage kitchen or in your bathroom. It is important that you choose a place that would be comfortable for your pet and easy to clean. The den is where your pet will sleep, eat and play so make it a special place for him. Place his bed or crate in the area and throw in a couple of toys. Also put his water and feeding bowl next to the bed or crate. In time, he will identify this area as his home and he will eventually avoid eliminating on it.

Potty Training

Next, potty training is next on your pet care list. Your pet must learn to eliminate in the designated spot to keep your house clean and safe. Moreover, potty training helps to discipline your pet as it instills submission and obedience to you as the owner. To toilet train your pet, always accompany him to his ‘toilet’ and prevent him from soiling other areas. When he does eliminate in the designated spot, praise him thoroughly and give a reward for good behavior. If ‘accidents’ happen as you are still training your pet, do not reprimand or punish him as it will bring repercussions to your training.


To bond with your pet is one of the best feelings you can have since you brought him home. It will take some time but it will eventually happen as you care for your pet and train him. As you spend more time with each other every day, you will learn the best way to provide care for him. Moreover, the bond that you share will make it easy for you to teach him.

Lastly, a visit to the veterinarian should be done at least once a year to ensure that your pet is in good physical state and so that any health problems are detected and treated at once.

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