Why do dogs eat grass?


As far as you know, that dogs eat meat is something natural and normal. Have you ever heard of the fact that dogs also consume plant, especially grass? This thing sounds absurd but it is true. So why do dogs eat grass? Is it because grass is delicious, or for some other reasons?

Why do dogs eat grass and does the dog eat grass be sick?

why do dogs eat grassThe fact that dogs eat grass is just a normal phenomenon, not an illness. Moreover, this phenomenon is not scarce anymore and there has been lots of debates around this matter. However, until now, not any single answer seems to satisfy all of us. The behavior of eating grass happening in dogs is termed as “Pica”, which is an eating disorder characterized by consumption of non-food items. There are many stories, opinions as well as hypotheses behind this fact.

Some hypothesis about “Why do dogs eat grass”

The most popular hypothesis for this matter is that dogs eat grass in order to deal with their upset stomach. Interestingly, most of the dog’s owners are used to witnessing their dogs biting and swallowing a large amount of grass not only once but many times. Some chemical substances in grass like pesticides or herbicides seem to bother dog’s throat and stomach and make it throw up. This way does really help dogs alleviate their distress about upset stomach. This hypothesis seems to be the most likely probable, however, it is still concerned as an ultimately unproven theory.

why do dogs eat grassAnother hypothesis indicates that dogs eat grass just because they are bored and tired of meat or canned food. It also means that dogs are having problems with their diet. A lack of fiber in their regularly basic diet may be the cause of this weird behavior. Besides, there is one opinion expressing that some dogs eat grass simply because they enjoy doing so. In many circumstances, dog’s owners used to witness their dogs sniffing and chewing grass carefully, but not throw up right afterwards. The reason may be that some dogs like the taste and smell of certain type of grass.

Some experts also believe that the aim of eating grass is to treat intestinal worms or parasites and to improve digestion in turn. In general, this behavior in dogs may be inherited from their ancestors.

Though consuming grass does not adversely affect the dog’s health, some questions have been put forward, like: Should the dog be stopped from eating grass? Grass in gardens are usually sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, so if the dogs eat these things, they are bound to suffer from illness, or rather, suffer from acute diarrhea and getting poisoned. This is extremely dangerous for dog’s health and its resistance, and thus, fatality becomes something inevitable. So next time, when walking the dogs, be careful not to walk them on the lawns that have been treated with chemical substances.

why do dogs eat grassDog’s owners should also have veterinarian check their dog’s health frequently so that they can know whether their dogs are suffering from such a disease or not. The phenomenon that dogs eat grass may be the consequence of lacking fiber in their usual diet. So the solution can be like this: dog’s owners put their lovely pet on a high-fiber diet or include cooked green vegetables in their meals. In certain circumstances, this seems to diminish dog’s taste for grass.

Dogs are just like mini lawn mowers in your garden, and they are also lovely omnivores. Besides the natural fact that dogs eat meat, they also consume plant, especially grass. So take care of your dogs, watch their behavior about eating grass and receive advice from vet in order to understand your pet better.

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  1. jacky says:

    Well, the post is in reality the best on this notable topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your next updates.

  2. jons says:

    hi It’s a nice post.

  3. DannyL says:

    Dogs mostly just “teeth” the grass to get BUGS into their mouth. Many dogs that eat bugs, prefer bugs that feed on grass. Dogs also “chew” grass to get the bug taste into their mouth. After chewing, dogs swallow. It is an involuntary behaviour. Dogs can’t up the small amounts of grass. They throw up after it rolls into a ball. HELLO!, dogs sniff for territorial markers and other pheromones. DOGS EAT BUGS NOT GRASS.

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